Jewel Staite
as Becca in
Flash Forward

Flash Forward is coming-of-age story focusing on Becca and Tucker, two typical eighth-graders who have been friends since they were infants. The thoughts and memories of the characters are often shown in "flash" scenes that look as if you were fast-forwarding with a VCR.

Flash Forward was a Saturday morning TV show on ABC, created by Disney. Reruns of the one-season series continue to be shown on weekends on the Disney Channel.

Jewel plays Becca, a smart, thoughtful girl with a lot of grand dreams. This is the role that took Jewel away from Space Cases: she was committed to Flash Forward before she was signed on to do Space Cases, but Space Cases filmed first. When Flash Forward was picked up, Jewel had to leave Space Cases. There is an episode of Space Cases in which Catalina talks about wanting to visit Suzee's dimension. That line was added right after Jewel learned that she would be leaving Space Cases. The name of Suzee's home dimension, Yensid, is a play on Disney, and the illustration of Suzee's home world in Nickelodeon's Space Cases trading cards looks suspiciously like Mickey Mouse.

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