Walter Jones
as Boomer in

In the Disney made-for-TV movie Brink!, Andrew "Brink" Brinker is a "soul-skater," an inline skater who skates only for the love of the sport, never for money. But his principles and his loyalty to his friends are put to the test when Brink's family needs the money that he can only get competing as a sponsored skater for the prestigious but arrogant Team X-Blades.

Walter plays Boomer, a member of Team X-Blades who is injured during a race run as a bet between Team X-Blades and Brink's friends. When Boomer is injured, his X-Blades companions care only about winning, while Brink expresses concern for Boomer's injury, teaching Boomer a valuable lesson. Boomer's injury opens a temporary slot in Team X-Blades, which Brink fills.

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